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100kv insulating oil breakdown voltage bdv tester

Apr. 05, 2020

60KV/80KV/ 100KV Fully Automatic transformer oil dielectric strength BDV tester,meet with the IEC,ISO,ASTM standards,this is HOPU'S new style insulation oil tester,which is made of aluminum alloy steel.

Insulating oil dielectric strength tester is also known as oil breakdown voltage tester or oil BDV tester.
Break down voltage is measured by observing at what voltage, sparking string between two electrode immersed in the oil, separated by specific gap. low value of BDV indicates presence of moisture content and conducting substances in the oil.
In this kit, oil is kept in a pot in which one pair of electrodes are fixed with a gap of 2.5 mm (in some kit it 4mm) between them.

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100kv insulating oil breakdown voltage bdv tester iso standards

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