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What Should You Pay Attention to When Operating the Vacuum Oil Filter?

Mar. 16, 2019

Vacuum Oil Filter is also called vacuum high efficiency oil filter, which is famous for its high efficiency. The vacuum oil filter can be used for on-site oil filtering and oil replenishment for all types of oil-immersed transformers, high-current current-voltage transformers and high-pressure oil-less circuit breakers.

Vacuum Oil Purifier oil filter is mainly designed according to the principle of different boiling points, including vacuum heating tank fine filter, condenser, primary filter, water tank, vacuum pump, oil drain pump and electrical cabinet. Through the pressure design and the vacuum oil feeding method, the oil passes through the primary filter to remove the larger particles Hou Jingru heating tank, and the water is evaporated and condensed and condensed and eliminated by condensation, and the oil is filtered through the fine filter to filter the fine impurities to complete the entire filtration purification process.

When operating the equipment, be careful to connect all the oil lines and circuits u to ensure that the valves and instruments are in normal working condition. When filtering, first start the condenser, then click the vacuum pump. When the vacuum surface reaches the extreme, open the oil inlet valve to a certain liquid level to open the oil drain pump. At this point, the oil circuit is normally circulated, and when the heater is turned off, the deflation valve can be closed when the water is reduced. When the oil filtering process is completed, open the bleed valve to allow the positive air pump to reach normal atmospheric pressure and then drain the oil.

Oil Purifier

When the vacuum oil filter is in operation, it is important to observe the condition of the instrument at any time for timely operation and adjustment. The position of the oil must be strictly in accordance with the standard when entering the oil. The vacuum value of the vacuum pump should be increased or decreased as required. At the same time, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, the working environment of this machine is preferably strictly controlled between -30 ° C and 40 ° C.

When running the vacuum oil filter, check all the items in advance, pay attention to all operation matters, and deal with any abnormalities in time to ensure the normal operation of the oil filter.

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