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How to Properly Clean the Filter Element of the Vacuum Oil Filter?

Dec. 05, 2018

The filter element such as China Oil Purification Machine element is the main component on the vacuum oil filter, mainly used to filter out impurities in the oil, so the size and accuracy requirements of the filter element are very important. Just like the bucket in life, the lid is too tightly sealed, the lid is too small to be used, and the vacuum filter has the same requirements for the filter. In order to ensure the use of the vacuum oil filter, the filter element needs to be cleaned regularly.

The vacuum oil filter such as China Transformer Oil Filtration Plant has very high requirements on the cleanliness of the filter element. Therefore, the filter element must not be cleaned. You can clean it according to the following steps. If the cleaning does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced. Before cleaning the vacuum oil filter, the oil filter must be stopped, the inlet and outlet pipes should be closed, and the power switch should be turned off. Open the drain valve and drain all the oil in the filter until the oil flows out (open the bleed valve when draining, speed up the oil drain). After the release, open the filter cover and remove the filter. Vacuum filter oil filter such as China Vacuum Oil Purifier, take out the filter element, put it into the oil pan with kerosene, soak it for 30 minutes, then wash it with air. Use a brush to remove deposits from the surface of the vacuum cleaner and wipe the filter clean with a rag.

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