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The Knowledge About Hydraulic Oil

Nov. 30, 2018

We are a Hydraulic Oil Purification Plant supplier. Today let we We give you some knowledge about Moisture in lubricating oil.

The moisture in the oil is mainly caused by the leakage of the coolant, the condensation of moisture in the air, and the moisture entering the outside through the breathing cap or sealing system. The water is present in the oil in three forms, such as dissolved water, emulsified or free water.

Usually, no oil (0.03% or less as trace) in the oil analysis means that there is no free water and suspended water, and it is difficult to remove the dissolved water. So what is the danger of water in the oil?

1. The difference in water content in hydraulic oil has a great influence on bearing life.

The increase in water content, in addition to the occurrence of sudden failures, also caused a significant drop in component and oil life.

How's that? Have you learned anything about hydraulic oil? If you have demand about Oil Treatment Plant such as Transformer Oil Filtration Plant, Welcome to contact us.

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