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Is The Accuracy of The Oil Filter as High As Possible?

Dec. 27, 2018

In fact, the single consideration of the use of high-precision filters to control pollution not only increases the manufacturing cost of the system, but also indirectly shortens the service life of the Oil Purifier. The national standard GB/T20079-2006 stipulates that the filter capacity of the filter is expressed by the filtration ratio βx(c), which is defined as: the liquid unit volume above and below the filter is larger than a given size x (c The ratio of the number of pollutant particles. That is to say, if a filter of 10 μm is used, it does not mean that there is no more than 10 μm of contaminants downstream of the filter; at the same time, because each filter manufacturer specifies a difference in the size of the filtration ratio βx(c), it is also hydraulic. One of the reasons for industry waste and the inability to effectively control system performance. At present, the localization of filter elements has become the trend of the times. It is imperative to implement standards as soon as possible and to implement them effectively.

Oil Purification

It is worth mentioning that many people think that the Oil Purification can be reused after washing and rinsing. Strictly speaking, this is a completely wrong view. No matter what material, regardless of the material structure, the amount of washing will change the filter gap of the filter. In practice, this is also the spirit of filtering the definition of βx(c).

Numerous experiences and lessons tell us that different precision filters are suitable for different occasions, and different occasions require a flexible combination of Oil filter of different precisions. In a relatively complex system, the organic combination of filters of different natures and functions can effectively control the cleanliness of the system, one-sided understanding or exaggeration, without any theoretical basis and practical basis.

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