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What Do You Know About Oil Filter Equipment?

Nov. 07, 2018

The oil filter such as Transformer Oil Filtration Plant belongs to the series of crude filters of pipeline, which can also be used for filtering large particulate matter of gas or other media. It can remove large solid impurities in the fluid when installed on the pipeline, so that the machine equipment (including compressor, pump, etc.) and instruments can work and operate normally, so as to achieve stable process and guarantee safe production.

In the oil filter equipment such as Hydraulic Oil Purification Plant, the basket filter material mainly includes stainless steel porous plate, stainless steel woven net and stainless steel sintered net. The oil filter such as Gear Oil Filtration Plant can be customized according to the specific requirements (special pressure, special caliber). The basket filter has many advantages such as large pollution capacity, high pressure resistance and easy installation and cleaning.

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