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Transformer Oil Regeneration Treatment

Nov. 23, 2018

We are Transformer Oil Filtration Plant supplier. Today we want to say the Transformer oil regeneration treatment.

Regeneration treatment refers to physical-chemical or chemical methods to remove harmful substances from oil, and to restore or improve the physical and chemical indicators of oil. Common methods for regeneration treatment include: adsorbent method and sulfuric acid-white earth method. The sorbent method is suitable for treating oils that are less deteriorated; the sulphuric acid-soil method is suitable for treating oils that are less deteriorated. The adsorbent method can be further divided into a contact method and a percolation method, and the contact method uses a powder adsorbent (such as white clay, 801 adsorbent, etc.) and the oil to be regenerated under a stirring contact mode; and the percolation method is to force the oil to pass through the loading method. Purifiers for particulate adsorbents (such as silica gel, granular clay, activated alumina, etc.) are subjected to percolation regeneration treatment, which is also the method we usually use.

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