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Transformer oil filtration - control of oil sampling

Dec. 18, 2018

Before the transformer oil is filtered by the Transformer Oil Filtration Plant, Sampling of transformer oil is also a very important part, often because the sampling method is not suitable, and the indicator of transformer oil sample is unqualified. Oil samples are generally suitable for sunny weather, between 11:00 am and 14:00 pm. First release about 1000 mL of the initial oil to clean the oil drain nozzle, and then take the oil to clean the sample bottle. When sampling, it is advisable to build a simple plastic shed for protection. The sampling is suitable for 2 people. It is not suitable for people to walk around 10m, and any other operations are prohibited to prevent the surrounding dust from affecting the control of the granularity value. When sampling, the operator must not only clean the hands, but also tighten the sleeves and slow down the breathing when sampling. The oil sample of the transformer body can be sampled separately by large bottles, vials and needle tubes. The oil samples of the large bottles can be used for simplified       analysis and sampling. The vials can be used for particle size analysis and sampling. The needle tubes can be used for analysis and sampling of gas content, micro water and chromatography.

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