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compressed air dryer unit

Feb. 12, 2019

I. Description of Dry Air Generator

HOPU AD series applies for dry air supply on maintenance work of transformers, reactors and other large electrical equipment. It is an alternative to the traditional transformer hot oil circulation drying methods. It also applies to air dry and cycle dry for warehouse, packaging, electronics and other industries. It is particularly suitable to dry hydrogen in the hydrogen gas cooling system of the generator sets, as well as drying of the SF6 gas in SF6.

With Compressed Type Dry Air Generator for Transformer Maintenance, you can save time for maintenance and get good efficiency.

II. Features of Air Dryer Unit
1. Remove moisture in the air
2. Remove particulates in the air
3. When the transformer is operating overnight, instead of filling with nitrogen or drying with hot oil
4. Supply dry air to ensure that the transformer is dry inside when the transformer is installed and repaired
5. Fill cylinder with dry air

compressed air dryer unit

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