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Centrifuge Oil Water Separator

Nov. 26, 2021

CYA-20 Centrifuge Oil Water Separator ,Centrigugal Oil Purifier, capacity 1200 L/H, disk centrifuge separator, it can remove the water and partiles from different lubricant oil, which contains large amount of water and particles, no need to replace filter element, saving cost and high efficiency.


HOPU Centrifugal Disc-style Oil Separator which is mainly used for purifying used oils from ships and overland power stations, mechanical industrial oils and also for regenerating lubricating oils, can speedily separate out moistures and harmful impurities from oil liquids, thus to prolong service life of machines and to assure normal operation.

Working Principle:

Take principles of different sedimentation velocities caused by different densities and mutual insoluble phases (light, heavy, and solids) in centrifugal force field and gravity field to achieve the purpose of layering the light, heavy, and solid phases. It is called gravity separation in gravity field, while centrifugal separation in centrifugal force field.

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