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Enclosed Type Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Purifier

Jul. 26, 2022

It is fully enclosed type vacuum hydraulic oil purifier equipped with dust and water proof device,flow meter, online particle counter. It can remove free and dissolved water, dirt, and free and dissolved gases from hydraulic oil, gear oil, compression oil, freezer oil, heat treatment oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil.


1.With strong capabilities of demulsification, dehydration and degasification, hydraulic oil purifier adopts big-cubage, reinforced three-dimension flash distillation column, thin film evaporation technology and large area multi-level separation technology so as to remove water, gas and light hydrocarbon material efficiently and quickly. 

2.Adopting high-quality filter element and sealing material with corrosion proof, high temperature resistance and excellent mechanical strength, it is suitable even for purification process of high-viscosity oil under rather high temperature conditions and in this way expanding its application scope. 

3.Fine and precision multi-stage filtration system can remove mechanical particulates thoroughly and effectively. 

4.With air-cooling and condensation system, it can cool the air in the vacuum system efficiently and quickly, which avoids inconvenience of water-cooling. 

5.Online particle monitoring

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