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High Vacuum Transformer Oil Degassing and Drying Equipment

Nov. 12, 2021

CE Marked ZYD-200 High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier, Insulation Oil Degassing and dehydration euipment, capacity 12,000 liters per hour, installed with PLC touch screen control system. 

It has double-stage high pumping speed vacuum system, multistage stage vacuum analytical separation system, it can quickly separate out water, gases, impurities, polar substances and other deteriorated materials. 

It is applied to process transformer oil and insulating oil from power plant, power station, electric power company, power transmission equipment,transformers, industrial and mining enterprises, especially suitable for on-site installation, maintenance and purifying high level new oil, or running oil from big power transmission and distribution equipment and transformers on national main power transformation grid, which is above 110KV,400KV,700KV,1000KV,1100KV. It can shorten the oil treatment period for transformer installation and maintenance.

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