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Hot Sale Horizontal Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Unit

Oct. 29, 2019

HOPU 2019 Hot sale Transformer Oil Purification Plant:

Benifit as follows:

■ Horizontal double vacuum separation technology, doubling the evaporation area and degassing time

■ Automatic defoaming system with dual electronic monitoring system, which avoid the foam ejecting and gushing to vacuum pump

■ Advanced float or infrared level automatic control system, interlocking control for pressure protection and power heating system ensures the long-term safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

■Double-stage, high vacuum can highly effectively remove the water in the oil. It can improve the breakdown voltage, the amount of degassing, the degree of dryness and the effect of one-time filtration.

■ Precise filtration system, multi-stage filtration can remove particulate impurities in the oil. High-quality filter medium has strong mechanical strength, high ability of containing pollution, corrosion proof and wear well.

■ Highly effective degassing and dewatering system that use large area three-dimensional flash vaporization technology to remove the water and gas in the oil.

■ Advanced pressure protection,liquid level control system and chain control system for electric heating make the operation safe.

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Hot Sale Horizontal Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Unit

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