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Hydraulic Lube Oil Filtration Plant

Apr. 02, 2024

TYA Series Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine is for filtering hydraulic oils at grade ISO-VG-32, 46, 68, 100, by reducing the water content from 500 ppm down to 50 ppm, and separating (removing) the free water, dissolved water, sludge, gas content and carbon from hydraulic oil.

hydraulic oil cleaning unit.jpg

It is for widely used in turbine unit,and hydraulic turbine set, through on line or off line operation can filter the un-degradation rancid oil ,equipped with vaccum drying

 separation ,three dimensional atomization ,and precision filtration .After the treatment, the gas, moisture,acid,foaming in the emulsified oil will meet the using standard 

of new oil.Widely used in electricity, chemical, paper making, and oil plant etc. Can effectively ensure the safe operation of the steam-turbine lubricating system

Hydraulic Lube Oil Filtration Plant

It is also used for cleaning and filtering the other industrial lube oils such as gear oil, compressor oil, conduction oil, heavy duty gear oil, refrigerator oil

Hydraulic Lube Oil Filtration Plant

HOPU this type lube oil filtration machine is installed with magnet filter, which is mainly used for removing metal particles,sludges of mechanical wear

Technical Features for HOPU Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine installed magnet filter :


1.The purifier could effectively remove the iron flake, dust, impurities, water and organic substance contained in waste oil, as well as organic and inorganic acid, 

enabling the recovery of performance of lubricant oil.

2.It has a strong demulsifying capability, which could separate the large amount of water from oil and the minimal amount of water from oil.

3.It has a strong impurity removing capability due to special filtration materials applications which increase filtration area and accuracy. Its large area and intensive 

precision filtration materials can remove the tiny particles in the oil while the backwash function automatically cleans the large amount of dirt in the filter. Serving as 

a cleaning device to the system, thus the seriously contaminated oil can be brought back to a specification under control.

 4.Special filter-aid reagent is applied especially fit to high viscosity lubricant oil, freezing machine oil ,hydraulic oil and gear oil

Hydraulic Lube Oil Filtration Plant

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