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Hydraulic Oil Dehydration Purifier

Sep. 16, 2018

Water and other impurities in industrial oil

Water in lubrication and hydraulic fluids takes two forms: free and dissolved. The dissolved water cannot be seen, but once the concentration of water exceeds the saturation point, the water appears as cloudiness in the oil. If this oil is allowed to settle, the water will separate from the oil as free water. If free water exists, we can conclude that dissolved water is also present in the oil. In addition to water, gases and particulates tend to accumulate in industrial oil
The problems with oil impurities cause
Water, gases and particulates in a lubrication and hydraulic system can cause serious problems such as:

■Abrasive wear in hydraulic components
■Pump cavitation
■Fluid breakdown resulting in the reduction of lubricating properties of oil
■Reduced dielectric strength
■Additive precipitation and oil oxidation
Reduced bearing life is one of the most severe consequences of water in lubricating oil. The graph on the left shows that even if no water is visible (the unshaded area on the left of the graph) bearing life is drastically reduced. For example, a bearing that lasts 6 months operating in oil with a 0.05% (500 PPM) water content, will last almost 4 times as long if the water level is only 0.005% (50 PPM).

Samples show the dramatic improvement after contaminated fluid has been purified by TYA Series Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Purifier machine

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