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Mobile Hydraulic Oil Filtration Plant

Mar. 01, 2023

mobile hydraulic oil purifier can remove water, contaminative particles and air in hydraulic and lubricating oil with various viscosities.

Generally, hydraulic oil is to be maintained at very high quality of Purification. The Oil often having large sizes of particles is passed through coarse type filter, to trap the large sized particles. Having taken care of micronic and sub-micronic particles, it is further finely cleaned by electro-statically, operated hydraulic oil cleaning system brought to the international standards.

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Functions :
Water: 100% free water and 90% dissolved water.
Gas: 100% free air, related to operating vacuum setting.
Pollutants: sediment and contaminative particles

This oil filtration machine conditions Lube oil of  and enhance the parameters of water content from 2000 ppm to 50 ppm and separates (removes) the free water, sludge, gas content and carbon from Lube oil and hydraulic oil. 

Mobile Hydraulic Oil Filtration Plant

Oil Result after Purification                                      

Moisture   (water content)≤100 PPM
 (remove 100% of free water & 99.5% of dissolved/emulsified water)
Gas/Air Content≤0.1%
Suspended Particles   (Filtration precision)≤ 5 micron
DemulsificationNew oil≤15min, running oil≤30min
Cleanliness≤NAS 1638-Grade 5

Mobile Hydraulic Oil Filtration Plant

Benefits from our Lubricating Oil Filtration Plant:

 -Purifying your various industrial lubricant oil high efficiently

 -Maintain your lubricating oil always in good status

 -Save your used oil replacement cost

 -Solve your waste oil disposal problem

Mobile Hydraulic Oil Filtration Plant

 -Guarantee your machinery and equipment working normally with qualified oil

 -Protect your machinery and equipment to not be damaged from contaminated oil

 -Reduce your maintenance time, energy and invest on transformers and power plant

 -Prolong your machinery and equipment lifetime and save maintenance cost

 -Bring a green oil ideal to the world and save oil energy for all of our generations

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