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Factors affecting the filtration speed of the filter

Jul. 01, 2019

Factors affecting the filtration speed of the filter

Filtration rate and filtration rate

The filtration rate refers to the volume of filtrate obtained per unit time of the oil Filtration Machine equipment, indicating the production capacity of the filtration equipment. The filtration speed refers to the volume of filtrate obtained per unit time and per unit filtration area, which indicates the production intensity of the filtration equipment, that is, the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment performance.

The filtration rate of the Oil Filtering Machine is directly proportional to the filtration force and inversely proportional to the filtration resistance. In the differential pressure filtration, the pushing force is the differential pressure, and the resistance is related to the structure, thickness of the filter cake and the nature of the filtrate.

Constant pressure filtration and constant speed filtration

Filtration under constant pressure difference is called constant pressure filtration. At this point, as the filter cake thickness gradually increases, the resistance increases and the filtration rate decreases. The filtration that keeps the filtration rate constant is called constant velocity filtration.

In order to maintain a constant filtration rate, the pressure difference must be increased correspondingly to overcome the resistance caused by the thickness of filter cake. Constant pressure filtration is difficult to control due to the constant pressure difference, so constant pressure filtration is generally adopted in production. Sometimes, in order to avoid blocking and damage of press cloth caused by high pressure difference at the initial stage of filtration.

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The operation mode of constant pressure first can also be adopted. After the beginning of filtration, the pressure difference slowly increases from a small value and the filtration rate basically remains unchanged. When the pressure difference increases to the maximum allowable value of the system, the pressure difference remains unchanged and the constant pressure filtration is carried out.

As mentioned above, the filtration rate is related to the filtration driving force and the filtration resistance.

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