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Online Oil Moisture PPM Tester

Jul. 31, 2020

HOPU online oil moisture meter is specifically designed to measure the moisture content in oils. It is the ideal choice for on-line or portable measurement of moisture content in lubricating oils and insulating oils to ensure proper operation of equipment and machinery. Relative water content is determined by continuous measurement by spiral rod-type sensor. Data will be updated and stored continuously.


1. Support online and offline measurement;

2. High detection accuracy, fast speed and good repeatability;

3. Real-time display of water activity (aw) and temperature value (t) in the tested oil;

4. Intuitive display and easy to carry;

5. The signal output type is: RS232 / 4 ~ 20mA;

7. Two-way relay alarm limit can be set arbitrarily.

Online Oil Moisture PPM Tester

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