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Onsite Working Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

Jul. 07, 2021

HOPU CE Marked Double Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier, onsite service of oil purification ,oil degassing, oil dehydration for customer's transformers in South America

Dust Proof Type Substation Field Use Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Machine 6000 Liters/Hour, Comparing with the single-stage vacuum oil purifier, series ZYD adds ROOTS vacuum system, second stage of separating system to improve the effect of purification which dewaters, degases and removes impurities more quickly, more completely and make the oils limiting voltage-withstand value much higher. This machine also can remove free, soluble water, carbon, free and dissolved gases and particulate matters from insulating oil effectively and rapidly. As the bridge-type vacuum linking system that can filter and be an independent vacuum power supply, this machine can be vacuum treating the electric insulating devices. Series ZYD utilizes coacervation technology, coalescing technology, separating technology and refined purification technology.

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