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Phasphate Ester Fire resistant Hydraulic Oil Purifier

Sep. 15, 2020

HOPU 3000 LPH Phasphate Ester Fire-resistant fluids hydraulic  Oil Purifier, made of anti-corrossion stainess steel material, is ready for shipping

TYA series fire resistant hydraulic oil purifier is a new generation vacuum oil purifier specially designed for unqualified phosphate ester fire resistant fluids (in EHC System), which can carry out regeneration and purification treatment of deteriorated fire resistant oil, and effectively remove the acid, pigment, gas, water content and impurities. It adopts materials which are compatible with fire resistant oil, and vacuum dehydration, multistage fine filtration((ICB filter and stainless steel filter), new type resin exchange deacidification and other oil treatment technology. After treatment, the fire resistant oil reaches qualified standards. It is mainly applicable for purification and regeneration of fire resistant hydraulic oil in large and medium-sized thermal power plant control system, fire resistant oil (EHC) system and mechanical equipment; it can be used for process of online operation, movable oil filtration, new oil filling etc. It can extend the service life of fire resistant oil and maintain the host security and save energy.

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