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Portable Hydraulic Oil Purifier Cart

Jul. 02, 2024

HOPU JL Series oil purifier can continuously remove the solid particles, oxidized oil sludge from the oil. It can be very conveniently connected with the oil tank directly, oil outlet at the bottom of the oil tank where is the dirtiest oil place connected to oil inlet of the purifier. After deeply purified, connect the outlet of this purifier to return opening of the oil tank. The quenching oil after precise purification meets requirements of components, thermal treatment, improves surface quality of components, greatly reduces subsequent processing, provides cleaner quenching oil tank, guarantees stable cooling property of the oil, keeps the heat exchanger and transmitter clean.

JL portable oil filter machine.jpg

HOPU JL-300 Portable Oil Purifier Cart can be used to remove impurities and filter most common oil such as hydraulic oil, turbine oil, transformer oil, gasoline and diesel 

oil. This oil filter can quickly meet the requirements of ideal precision, and it is easy to move and low cost. It is an effective oil filtering equipment to control the pollution 

degree of hydraulic system.

Portable Oil Purifier Cart

a) The machine consists of a motor-driven gear pump, dedicating low noise, strong self-absorption capacity, and smooth running characteristics.

b) The high-pressure pipe with overflow protection devices, which can effectively protect the safety of the hydraulic system.

c) The use of thermal relay protection to prevent motor damage caused by motor overload.

d) Coarse filtration of suction port can protect the pump and extend the life of the main filter.

e) After the pump has two precision filters, so the oil can quickly reach high cleanliness.

f) First precision filter can filter out the larger particles of impurities, and secondary precision filter can filter out smaller

particles or moisture.

Portable Oil Purifier Cart

g) The precision filter chosen by different users for different precision, can provide better protection for the system.

h) Precision oil filtration housing with quick open structure, which can quickly open the cover and replace the filter without any


i) ressure gauge equipped on the panel, can show the continuous indication of the degree of contamination of the system operating conditions and filter.

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