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Selection and installation of oil filter

Aug. 24, 2019

Selection and installation of oil filter

1. Introduction of filters

There are four kinds of filters according to their filtration precision (particle size of impurity removed) : coarse filter, ordinary filter, precision filter and special fine filter, which can respectively remove impurities larger than 100 microns, 10 ~ 100 microns, 5 ~ 10 microns and 1 ~ 5 microns.

2. When choosing an oil filter, the following points should be considered:

(1) the filtration accuracy shall meet the predetermined requirements.

(2) it can maintain sufficient flow capacity for a long time.

(3) filter center has sufficient strength, not damaged by the action of hydraulic pressure.

(4) filter core has good corrosion resistance and can work continuously under the specified temperature.

(5) China Oil Purification Machine center is easy to clean or replace.

3. Installation position of oil filter in hydraulic system usually includes the following:

(1) it shall be installed at the oil suction port of the pump:

The oil suction circuit of the pump is generally equipped with a surface type filter, the purpose is to filter out large impurities and particles to protect the hydraulic pump, in addition, the filter's filtration capacity should be more than twice the pump flow, the pressure loss is less than 0.02MPa.

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(2) install on the outlet oil line of the pump:

Oil filters are installed to remove contaminants that may enter valve components. The filtration accuracy should be 10 to 15 microns, and can withstand the working pressure and impact pressure on the oil line, the pressure drop should be less than 0.35mpa. Safety valve should be installed at the same time to prevent oil filter blocking.

(3) installed on the system's oil return circuit: this installation ACTS as an indirect Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier. Generally with the filter and install a back pressure valve, when the filter plug reaches a certain pressure value, back pressure valve open.

(4) installed on the system branch oil circuit.

(5) separate filtration system: a hydraulic pump and oil filter can be specially designed for large hydraulic system to form an independent filtration circuit.

In the hydraulic system, in addition to the oil filter required by the whole system, a special fine oil filter is often installed in front of some important components (such as servo valve, precise throttle valve, etc.) to ensure their normal operation.

4. Filter element technology:

(1) the filter material is made of patented fiber and resin through a unique process. It has fixed void structure and no shedding of filter material. The intercepted pollution particles will not be "discharged" due to the pulsation of pressure difference and flow rate.

(2) the gradual aperture structure is adopted from the surface to the inside and gradually reduces along the flow direction. Layered interception of pollution particles of different sizes. Realize deep scaling. Thus greatly increased the service life.

(3) the use of spiral winding reinforced support, to ensure the stability of the filter material.

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