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Small Oil Filter Machine

Jun. 22, 2022

HOPU JL-70 Portable Oil Filter Machine, installed three stage cartridge filter elements, they can remove different sizes of particles from diry oil, such as lubricant oil, hydraulic turbine oil, insulation oil, transformer oil, diesel fuel oil. Different types of filter elements availabe for different oil request.

Precise three-stage filter system can filter the mechanical impurities as well as satisfy the need of long distance and high lift refueling and exhausting oil.

It is an effective oil filtering equipment to control the pollution degree of hydraulic lubricant system

Profuct name
High precision oil filter machine
Recommended viscosity
Primary coarse filtration
Secondary coarse filtration
Three stage coarse filtration

According different needs, it can be adapted to different types such as anti-explosion, stainless steel type can filter special media liquid.

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