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Stainless Steel Hydraulic Oil Purifier

May. 13, 2022

HOPU Stainless Steel Type Vacuum Phosphate Fire Resistant Oil Purifiers are the dedicated equipment for phosphate fire resistant hydraulic oil purification. Using strong polarity molecular absorbent and dry ion exchange resin, they can solve the problem of fire resistant oil deterioration while effectively solve electrochemical corrosion problem in speed regulating system to avoid the problem of frequent servo valve replacement caused by electrochemical corrosion. 1μm filter cartridges are applied to guarantee its functions of degassing, dehydration, impurity removal, deacidification, resistivity increase, foaming property and color improvement, oil sludge and gel removal. And this series equipment have also functions of topping up and pumping oil. Online moisture detector, particle detector and PLC intelligent controller can be matched as their optional components.

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