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Stainless Steel Transformer Oil Dehydration System

Jun. 05, 2024

HOPU Stainless steel Vacuum Transformer Oil Dehydration and Degassing System

stainless steel FR3 transformer oil purifier.jpg

It is made of fully stainless steel, the machine body and other accessories all are made of anti corrossion stainless steel. It is used for dehydration and degassing for natural ester FR3 vegetable transformer oil,FR3 fire-resistant green dielectric liquids,Silicon Oil, switchgear oil and different insulating oils. It is also used for purifying transformer insulation oil in all kinds of large power equipments,which are above 110KV, and 500 meters altitude

2024 design feature for stainless steel FR3 Vegetable transformer oil filtration machine

1. SIEMENS brand PLC Fully Automatic Touch Screen Controller

2. ABB frequency converter for variable oil flow 

3. T-shape vacuum chamber for high dehydration and degassing

4. Flow meter

5. E+E brand Online oil moisture detector

6. Atlas brand  vacuum pump

7.Atlas brand hydraulic transmission vacuum booster pump for ultimate vacuum 

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