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[Vacuum Oil Purifier supplier]Oil filter gasket

May. 24, 2019

Oil filter gasket

Transformer Oil Filtration Plant Manufacturer shares that a gasket is a seal used in machinery, equipment, and piping where there is a fluid.

Oil filter seal gasket is a metal or non-metal sheet material, cutting, stamping or cutting technology, used for pipe, mechanical and equipment parts between the sealing connection, the connection between the seals.

The material can be divided into metal gasket and non-metal gasket.

Copper washer, stainless steel washer, iron washer, aluminum washer and other metals.

Non-metallic asbestos gasket, asbestos-free gasket, paper gasket, rubber gasket, etc.

It is not easy to choose the important factors that affect the choice of gasket, especially in the selection of gasket sealing materials.

The variables present in flange connections seem to be endless, all of which can affect gasket sealing.

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