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Solid Palm Oil Treatment Plant,Animal Cooking Oil Decolor Purifier

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Product Description

TYD series oil decoloration machine can quickly remove out impurities, water, gases and recover the oil color to original color.
This machine uses our special additive to discolor, which is purely natural and has high efficiency.
It is installed thermal insulation material, it is a good oil purifier for solid oils,animal oil
It can treat cooking oil,Palm Oil,Animal Oil, coconut oil in oil field, mine, metallurgy, electricity, transportation, manufacturing, food industry. The treated oil is very clear and transparent.

And it is asked by customer to pre-treat the used cooking oil before further biodiesel.

1.It is installed with thermal insulation material, it is a good oil purifier for solid oils,animal oil
2.This machine adopts the the latest micro-filtration technology,which is a multi-functional purification system with vacuum oil filter, fine filter and decoloring device.
3.It uses pure physical treatment to remove water, gases, impurities and decolor,which will not affect the composition and performance of the oil.
4.Equipped with chain protection device, the machine is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

Treatment CapacityTon/day(8 hr))12351015203050
Power Supply
Working NoisedB(A)≤65
Trouble-free Working TimeH≥ 4000
Continuous Working TimeH≥150
Inlet (outlet) calibermmФ25Ф25Ф25Ф32Ф42Ф42Ф50Ф50Ф60
Guarantee valueColorL≤ 1-3
Gas content≤0.1%≤15(GB/F 7305)

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