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The structure and characteristics of vacuum oil filter

Sep. 04, 2019

The structure and characteristics of vacuum oil filter

Many enough to buy oil filter customers do not know its structure and characteristics, so now the manufacturers for you to briefly introduce:

Vacuum oil filter is suitable for degassing, filtering water purification and waste oil regeneration of industrial oils such as transformer oil, turbine oil (turbine oil), lubricating oil and hydraulic oil in power generation industry and electrical appliance manufacturers, paper mills, electrochemical factories and industrial and mining enterprises. It overcomes the disadvantage that the general vacuum oil filter is only suitable for removing oil containing moisture and is the most ideal special equipment for oil purification. Working principle: the atomized oil dehydrates and degasses under vacuum, three groups of filters can filter out all kinds of fine solid impurities, and the special regenerative adsorbent can remove the chemical residue in the oil.

The vacuum oil filter is composed of heating, filtration, vacuum, condensation, adsorption and regeneration. Points: heating system, filtration system, vacuum atomization system, oil supply system and electrical control system. Due to different requirements of manufacturers, vacuum oil filter can also add and remove acid decolorization adsorption device. It is characterized by the following three aspects:

1. Multi-purpose machine with complete functions. It can be dehydrated, degassing, three groups (coarse, medium and fine) filter, adsorption and regeneration comprehensive process treatment, and can provide vacuum degassing, filtering impurities and regeneration and adsorption functions.

2. It's safe and reliable. Pressure, temperature, liquid level have clear data indication and automatic mechanical control. Feature 3: high efficiency, economy, low operating cost. Is the same kind of oil treatment products in the function of uniform, advanced performance equipment.

3. Reasonable design structure. Easy to use on the move or online.

If the vacuum pump oil is considered to be similar to other lubricating oil, then the use of other lubricating oil to replace the vacuum pump oil, certainly for mechanical equipment is not any advantage. This estimate professionals are more understanding, but for laypeople may not understand it. You should know that vacuum pump oil is specially designed and developed for vacuum pumps in vacuum equipment, which is definitely different from other industrial lubricants, so you should not buy any ambiguity.

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The structure and characteristics of vacuum oil filter

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