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Maintenance of HOPU Vacuum Oil Purifier

Sep. 13, 2019

Vacuum Oil Purifier as the main equipment for industrial oil purification, in the industry now plays an important role. Qualified Oil Purification Equipemnt after filtering the oil can restore oil performance, so that it can be used as a new oil, to save energy and achieve sustainable development of great significance.

As a professional manufacturer of Vacuum Oil Purifier, in research and development and technical level, Chongqing HOPU Filtration Plant Manufacture Co.,ltd has achieved a new breakthrough, which not only meet the national standards, but also to adapt to modern industrial high-precision Oil Purification Equipment on the cleanliness of oil requirements in the industry in a leading position.

Vacuum Oil Purifier includes the initial filter, vacuum evaporation tank, oil pump, HOPU Vacuum Filtration system, condenser and vacuum pump and other parts. Oil is heated to and sprayed into the vacuum chamber to become a small oil droplet. The oil in the water quickly evaporates into water vapor, into the condenser after discharge. The uncondensed water vapor is discharged from the vacuum pump into the atmosphere. Pooled in the bottom of the vacuum evaporation tank, has been evaporated dehydrated oil pumped into the filter device, filter out the oil in the solid impurities, and further absorb the trace moisture.

Vacuum Oil Purification function can significantly improve the removal of oil in the water effect, suitable for high-voltage electrical oil purification.

Maintenance of Vacuum Oil Purifier:

(1) If Oil Purification Equipment needs to be interrupted during running, the heating power should be off after 5min to stop the pump to run, to prevent the local oil in the oil heat decomposition of hydrocarbon gas.

(2) Equipment should be checked after a period of time:

A. Whether the electrical control system is safe and reliable;

B. Whether the temperature controller is sensitive, reliable and accurate;

C. Pump shaft seal is damaged, leak;

D. Whether the operation of the system congestion, pump and the corresponding motor running noise is abnormal;

E. Whether the pipeline system and the seal at the leak, oil spill phenomenon;

F. Level control is reliable.

(3) After every 3000 hours of operation, grease should be added to prevent the motor from burning out.

(4) When the oil purification equipment is not used, the vacuum oil should be discharged and injected into the special vacuum pump oil or N46 lubricating oil.

(5) Outdoor low temperature environment After the end of the work, must be vacuum pump to the condenser of the water put clean, to prevent low temperature damage to the equipment.

(6) Cooling unit of Vacuum Oil Purifier, the heater should be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will affect the efficiency and shorten the life. Condensate heat dissipation tube can be used to purge the compressed air to prevent the heat exchange capacity decreased; if found on the surface of the heating element heating element carbon, should be identified and eliminated to improve the heating efficiency of the heater.

(7) If user stop Oil Purifier more than one month, the machine should be placed in a dry environment, close the electric control cabinet door and all valves, and paint rust-proof grease, cover the fuselage

Maintenance of Vacuum Oil Purifier

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