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Cleaning and replacement of oil filter elements

Sep. 18, 2019

Cleaning and replacement of oil filter elements, shared by Oil Purification Machine Manufacturer.

The two most common filter elements on the oil filter are the filter element for filtering impurities and the filter element for separating water and demulsification.

Filter impurities of the filter generally widely exists in a variety of oil filter, the role is to intercept the mechanical impurities and metal particles in the oil, this type of filter is mostly stainless steel mat mesh type filter, but also a few fine filter core material for polymer glass fiber filter core and paper filter core. The water-separating filter core is made of special oil-wet and hydrophobic cotton material, which is made of concentrated material. This kind of Oil Purification Machine core generally exists above the vacuum dewatering oil filter. There is no dirt in this filter core.

Here we mainly talk about, filter impurities of stainless steel mat mesh type filter, it is more threaded interface, fold the filter, can be rotated out of the filter. Clean with the same type of clean oil (or gasoline), can be combined with a soft fine brush to scrub the surface of the filter (filter surface can be removed for cleaning), after completion, it is recommended to use the air compressor to aim at the thread mouth of the filter, blowing air from the inside out (so as to help the filter cleaning cleaner).

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Tips: if the equipment is not used for a long time, it is recommended to clean the residual oil in the filter cartridge (especially in the cold season). Do not let the filter core soak in the oil for too long, which can effectively extend the service life of the filter core.

When higher viscosity oils need to be filtered, the residual oil in the oil barrel also needs to be drained after each operation. Because the higher viscosity oil on the filter, once cooled, will adhere to the surface of the filter. When it is used again, it is very likely that the filter element has high precision and less oil, and the high pressure will be generated instantly, resulting in deformation and damage of the Oil Filtration Machine element. When the filter element is cleaned, restore the parts and check whether the screws are firmly connected.

The higher the accuracy of the filter element, the harder it is to clean it thoroughly. Generally speaking, more than 40 microns of filter core can be repeated cleaning times, on the contrary, 1-20 microns of filter core, the higher the accuracy of the more difficult to clean, so the higher the accuracy of the replacement frequency is more. Therefore, the user friends in the selection of oil filter, do not need to blindly choose high precision, according to their own actual use to choose, give consideration to the overall value of cost-effective.

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