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FR3 Vegetable Transformer Oil Filtration Plant, Silicon Oil Purifier

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Product Description

ZYD-V Series Double-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier is designed for purifying used or aged transformer oil, FR3 Vegetable Oil,FR3 fire-resistant green dielectric liquids,Silicon Oil, switchgear oil and different insulating oils. It is also used for purifying insulation oil in all kinds of large power equipments,which are above 110KV, and 500 meters altitude

The system can remove the free water, soluble water, big and small size particles, impurity,gas, acid, PCB,free carbon (polarity material) , increasing the pressure force and quality of oil, improving the breakdown voltage value, making the transformers and  electric device running safely. 

It is very suitable for small and medium-sized substations installed on transmission lines and base platforms, transformers located at plants and factories, specializing in the production of food products and pharmaceuticals,transformer of the marine drilling platform, power distribution system, power grid and various companies which need to install and maintain transformers. 

HOPU's ZYD-V Series make it possible to extend dielectric fluid service life, improve the reliability of power transformers and ensure the necessary level of explosion and fire safety.

Mobile (trailer) type is optional, completely closed structure, waterproof, dustproof, it can move long distance working in field.  According to fieldwork requirement, it can be easy to move to any work point by traction. It is special suitable for purifying the transformer oil which is located in different fields


1 Advanced dehydrating and degassing system that uses large area three-dimensional flash distillation technique to remove harmful composition in the oil such as water, air and gas.

2 used for oil filling for transformers and circuit breakers under vacuum condition.

3 Precise filtration system, high-quality filter element , multistage filtration with gradual precision can help to remove mechanical impurities in the oil.

4 An advanced fully automatic temperature controlling system , liquid-level controlling system ,defoaming controlling system, pressure protecting system and excellent configuration can ensure operation of the equipment with high performance.

5 Online work , allowing separated operation of manual operates from machine with lamps indicating the condition for operation.

6 It is humanization design with low noise , deep purification and long time free maintenance to save cost from the running process.

7 Purifiers are equipped with a chain safety protective system, an interlocking of oil drainage system ,vacuum system and heating system which avoids any possible negative impacts caused by mal-operation.

Technical Data 

Working vacuumMpa-0.08 ~ -0.099
Working PressureMpa≤0.3
Temperature 20 ~ 80
415V/3P/50HZ(as per customer’s request)
Working NoiseDb(A)75757580808080
Heating PowerKW303648607590120
Total PowerKW35.5405571.486.5102.5135
Inlet/Outlet  mmφ25φ32φ42φ50φ50φ60φ60

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