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PLC Fully Automatic Transformer Oil Purification Machine

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Product Description

1. Famous brand PLC control, fully automatic operation,

   high precise filtering for insulating oil and transformer oil filtration.

2. Enhance the oil performace to protect the machine.

3. Low energy consumption.

4. Water content: ≤3ppm, impurity content: ≤0.5μm, gas content: ≤0.01%.

5. Breakdown Voltage: ≥75KV

Product Introduction

This oil purification plant is applied to purify various of unqualified insulating oils including aging transformer oil,

specially for the power which is above 110KV, mutual inductor oil, switch oil and so on. Also it can inject the

insulating oil into the transformers on-line.


1. High vacuum: High point-Vacuum≤5pa Working-vacuum≤35pa

2. High absorption speed: Absorption speed power≥333L/Sr.

3. Duplex 3D stereo-evaporation: eliminating the liquid water quickly.

4. UK G technology by which the trace water that is show chain, such as dissolved water, can be removed effectively.

5. Distinctive removing impurities system filtering through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by high polymer without the mechanical power.

6. Carbon fiber infrared heating system that can make the oil contains zero sum of ethyne after the treatment.

7. Especially applied to vacuum oiling and drying for power transmission equipments which are over 110KV.

8. The oil of any grades can be treated on line at the working site.

Technical Parameters:

Flow RateL/h1800300060009000120001500018000
Working vacuumMPa-0.08 ~ -0.099
Working PressureMPa≤0.3
Temperature Range°C20 ~ 80
Three Phase 50Hz,380V (or as needed)
Working NoisedB(A)70707075757575
Heating PowerKW283045607590120
Total PowerKW35.537.552.571.486.5102.5135

Guarantee Value

ItemUnitAfter treatment
Breakdown VoltagekV≥75
Moisture contentPPM≤3
Gas content%≤0.1
Impurity sizemicron≤0.5 (no free carbon)

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