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Stainless Steel Cooking Oil Purifier, UCO Vegetable Oil Treatment Unit

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Product Description


COP Stainless Steel Type Cooking oil purifier machine is special for filtering used cooking oil, vegetable oil, trench oil, swill oil and animal oil etc., it effectively and completely removes particles, odor, water, acid and alcohol etc. from waste oil. The treated oil is clean, limpidity, and good smell. HOPU COP is a good purifier machine for Fry food factory, oil restaurant, cooking oil factory, vegetable oil factory, and waste oil collecting store. According to the treated oil usages, we can choose different machine body. For edible usage, we suggest to choose stainless steel body; for industrial, we suggest to choose carbon steel body. According to different working place, we recommend Skid type and mobile type (Trailer with pneumatic tyre)

After treatment, the oil’s technical parameters and properities are improved; oil service life is prolonged; the cooking oil can be used in high precision and cooking device again.

Due to its function, COP Oil Purifier can be also used for treating some other oil such as Coolant oil, Mechanical oil, Heat treatment oil, Gear oil, etc.


1. Double primary filter structure with large capacity for removing impurities.

2. Multi-stage filtration system (Primary filter, Secondary filter, Fine filter) with gradually increasing filtration precision, removes impurities as much as possible.

3. Large area three-dimensional flash distillation technology, removes gas and water efficiently.

4. Strong ability of demulsification.

5. All necessary control switch, light indicator and meter are equipped on the control panel which provides easy control for operation and supervision.

6. Advanced medium cooling system.

7. Humanization design for easy operation and regular maintenance.

8. Efficient electric heating system, heating uniformity, avoid oil deterioration in the process.

9. Float level sensor, pressure protective system to ensure safety operation.

10. Adopts interlocked protective system, which connect oil pump, heater and liquid level sensor.

Technical data

Flow RateL/min10203050100150200300
Work VacuumMPa-0.06 ~ -0.095
Work PressureMPa≤0.4
Temperature0 ~ 100
Power supply
380V,50Hz, 3 phase (or as needed)
Work noisedB(A)≤75≤75≤75≤78≤78≤78≤80≤82
Heating powerKW364045728090120135
Total powerKW3842477587101135147
Net weightKg450550600750850100012001500

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