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Single Stage Vacuum Insulation Oil Reclamation and Recondition system

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Product Description


For maintenance of large scale power substation transformers, rapid and deep treatment of new transformer oil, imported insulation oil. As well as   vacuum filtering and purifying of mutual inductor oil, capacitor oil, refrigerator oil.

HOPU ZY Series Single Stage Vacuum Insulation Oil Reclamation and Recondition system,which applies to renew and purify the operation of insulating oil such as unqualified transformer oil, mutual inductor oil, circuit breaker oil, capacitor oil, cable oil and high voltage switch oil etc, It can remove water, gas and mechanical impurities and improve flash point and dielectric strength of the insulating oil, and also can remove the oil acid and color by fuller's earth in another chamber through by-pass valve, this step is optional per your actual oil quality.


1. Unique high efficiency dehydration and degassing system which adopts large area three-dimensional flash evaporation technique to remove water and gas in the oil.

, the vacuum chamber dimension is bigger than other products.

2.Precise filtration system, high-quality filtering elements and multi-stage filtration with gradual precision can help to remove mechanical impurities from the oil effectively. While the filters are with self-inspection function for the pollutant-containing status.

3.The heating system is made of stainless steel,adopts the most optimized pipeline design to ensure even heating and stable oil temperature.

4.Equipped with automatic temperature control system, automatic liquid-level control system, automatic pressure protection system and high quality main components to ensure operation of the equipment with high reliability and perfect performance.

5. The machine supports on-line operation without supervision with indicators to show operation status.

6.With electrical control inter-lock design. Vacuum system, oil pump system and heating system are interlocked in control to avoid bad effect of wrong operation.

7. Equipped with indication for changing filters and automatic stop device for overloaded filters.

8. Equipped with emergency stop and alarm lamp for electric leakage and power overload to protect the motor.

9.With phase-sequence, phase lose protection function and safety control for sudden shut-down


Flow capacity: 

600 liters per hour to 30000 liters per hour available.

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