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Vacuum Transformer Oil Regeneration System, insulator oil decoloring Recycling device

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Product Description

Oil Regeneration System Application:

HOPU ZYD-I Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant has been specially designed for on site use to completely regenerate insulating oils in de-energized transformers. Our machine provides regular oil purification such as degassing, drying and particulate removal but also can remove acidity, sludge, other soluble oil decay products and discoloration. This is accomplished by the use of high vacuum degasification technology and particulate filters combined with our special brand of earth. After treating, the oil can be reused as new. For special application, the system also can be mounted on a leak proof base and can be installed and operated on a trailer.

HOPU Vacuum Transformer Oil regeneration system restores transformer oil by removing acidity, sludge, soluble oil decay products and improves oil colour with Fullers earth treatment technology. When the treatment is complete, the regenerated oil meets or exceeds international standards for new oil with lower acidity and improved tan delta, interfacial tension, and oxidation stability. The cellulose insulation and internal components of the transformer also benefit from the flushing effect of multiple passes of hot regenerated oil, which helps remove decay products and sludge from internal surfaces.

Advantages of Oil Regeneration:

· Extends the transformer life by restoring the qualities of the transformer oil to be similar to new oil condition

· Oil Regeneration is much less costly than changing new oil

· Minimal downtime as a result no revenue loss as Oil Regeneration can be performed ‘on-inline or live’/ energized transformer

· Environmentally friendly as the existing oil is reused. There will also be no hazard from oil spills and PCB contamination, including the trouble with the disposal of old oil

· Oil Regeneration removes the sludge build up and deposited on the internal core and coils of the transformer, which a traditional oil change will not

· Oil Regeneration can be continuously performed in most weather conditions and will not run the risk of exposing the internal transformer core to adverse weather conditions during an oil change

Technical Parameters:

Flow rateL/h1800300060009000120001500018000
Working vacuumMPa-0.08~-0.099
Working pressureMPa≤0.3
Temperature20 ~ 80
3 ph 380V 60Hz (Or as needed)
Working noisedB(A)75757575808080
Heating powerkW303045607590120
Total powerkW35.537.552.571.486.5102.5135
Oil Inlet/Outletmmφ25φ32φ42φ50φ50φ60φ60

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