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6000LPH Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant shipping

Mar. 26, 2019

Application and Function:

HOPU Series ZYD-I Vacuum Power Transformer Oil Purification and Regeneration System can quickly remove the water, gas, and other contaminants such as solid particles in the waste insulating oil, transformer oil, capacitor oil, switch oil, mutual inductor oil, etc. The breakdown voltage of the oil after processed can be improved by 35KV or above just for one-time. It is mainly suitable for the power transmissions equipment whose voltage is 110KV or above.

The below are the optional parts:

1.Imported German Leybold or Becer vacuum pump;

2.Imported American or German oil pump;

3.Schneider electrical parts;

oil purification plant .jpg

The following type can be chosen according to your needs:

1.ZYD-A Series: equipped with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC);

2.ZYD-T Series: equipped with trolley;

3.ZYD-E Series: equipped with weather-proof enclosure;

4.ZYD-TE Series: equipped with trolley and weather-proof enclosure.

6000LPH Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant shipping

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