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What is the Working Principle of the Oil Filter?

Mar. 21, 2019

The Oil Filter machine can remove the mechanical impurities, oxidation by-products and moisture in the impure oil by using the technical methods such as gravity, centrifugation, pressure, vacuum distillation, mass transfer, etc., to effectively protect the oil. The equipment operates safely. Chongqing oil filter manufacturers design different types of oil filter according to different working principles.

Inside the oil filter, there is a rotor with a double-jet nozzle that only needs the pressure generated by the oil to provide its driving force. After the equipment is turned on, the oil in the fuel tank is sent to the rotor through the pump. After the standby oil fills the rotor, it is ejected along the lower nozzle of the turntable, which generates driving force to rotate the rotor at a high speed. Its rotational speed can reach above 4000-6000r.p.m, and the generated force is more than 2000 times of gravity. The principle of centrifugal force directly drives the impurities to separate from the oil.

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