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Type of Oil Filtration

Oct. 22, 2018

The filter types of general Lube Oil  Purification Machine are divided into the following:

Magnetic filter

This filter mainly collects metal powder in oil.

Line gap filter

The Lube Oil Treatment Machinepurity depends on the clearance between adjacent metal coils. When rotating the filter cylinder 2 clockwise, clean the dirt on the outer surface of the filter cylinder by using scraper 3.

Sheet filter

The oil is filtered through a gap between the metals. To prevent the gaps between filter metal sheets from clogging up, turn the handle frequently to allow the metal sheets to rotate with each other, scraping away dirt between them, and the filter should be cleaned quarterly.

Mesh filter

It is composed of shell 3, net tube center 2 (filter barrel) and copper wire net 1. After the oil is filtered through the screen from the inlet, it enters the filter center and flows out through the outlet.

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