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Why is The Transformer Oil Filtered?

Oct. 26, 2018

The purpose of filtration by Transformer Oil Filtration Plant is to remove the moisture and impurities in oil, improve the electric strength of oil, protect the paper insulation in oil, and also improve the physical and chemical properties of oil to a certain extent.

Most distribution power transformers are installed in the open air environment. The insulating oil (transformer oil) is affected by external impurities, contact with air and high operating temperature of the equipment itself, which gradually deteriorates the quality of oil. The deteriorated insulating oil (transformer oil) will not have the insulation and cooling effect. In order to prevent the safe operation caused by oil deterioration, the normal operation of power distribution should be tested and analyzed regularly, and the oil should be treated accordingly according to the analysis results by Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine. The inspection period of oil chemistry supervision in power distribution operation shall be at least 3 years. The routine test items include acid value, water soluble acid, flash point, breakdown voltage, outer shape.

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Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

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