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Vacuum Oil Filter Manufacturers Explain the Solution to the Vacuum Pump

Mar. 01, 2019

The vacuum pump is an important component of the vacuum Oil Filter. Once a fault occurs, it will affect the normal operation of the vacuum Oil Filtration. Here, the vacuum oil filter manufacturers have summarized some common vacuum pump failures and proposed related solutions, hoping to help everyone.

1. The motor of the vacuum pump stops during the operation. Generally speaking, this is because the voltage is too large and the power phase loss oil level exceeds the lower limit of the oil level. This can be eliminated by suspending the use and checking the power supply. If the startup is not normal, then the electrical components are faulty, just replace the electrical components.

2. The vacuum pump is flooded. If the water in the vacuum pump is due to excessive water in the cooler, the water is pumped into the vacuum pump to treat the oil with a large amount of water. The water vapor is not cooled into water in the cooler and enters the vacuum pump, which can be observed by the cooler. The liquid level gauge, if the water level is too high, should be released in time, the vacuum pump should be cleaned, and the vacuum pump oil should be replaced to eliminate such a situation.

3. The vacuum pump leaks oil. Mainly oil spills, fuel tank seals, motor bearing shaft seals have oil leakage at three positions. The solution to oil leakage is to replace the aging oil window, shaft seal, gasket and felt that has been pumped. pad. After the repair is completed, use the vacuum pump oil to flush the vacuum pump before oil filling, and clean the filter at the oil filling port with solvent to keep the fuel tank clean.

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