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What is the Effect of Vacuum Oil Filter on Hydraulic Oil?

Mar. 12, 2019

The hydraulic oil is mainly a kind of machine oil which is required for the anti-wear and anti-oxidation requirements of the hydraulic system, the transmission system and the lubrication system. After a long period of use, impurities will be generated inside, and water and other pollution will affect the normal use of the oil. The vacuum Oil Purifier has a good effect of polluting the hydraulic oil and can restore some performance.

A common hydraulic fluid is a mineral oil that does not contain any additives. Although this oil has been included in the classification, it has not been used in hydraulic systems. Because this oil has poor stability and easy foaming, it has a short service life in hydraulic equipment. The specification of hydraulic oil, HL hydraulic oil is made of neutral base oil with high refining depth, plus anti-oxidation and anti-rust additives. HL hydraulic oil can be divided into six grades of 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100 according to the 40 °C kinematic viscosity.

For the purpose of new hydraulic oil, HL hydraulic oil is mainly used for lubrication of bearing housings, low-pressure circulation systems or similar mechanical equipment circulation systems of various types of machine tools with ambient temperature above O °C. It can be used more than twice as long as mechanical oil. This product has good rubber sealing adaptability and its maximum operating temperature is 80 °C. This oil is mainly suitable for hydraulic oil pumps of steel-steel friction pairs. When using hydraulic oil pumps for friction materials of other materials, it is necessary to have the oil pump load limit applicable to the product recommended by the oil pump manufacturer or the oil supply unit.

The vacuum Oil Filtering Machine is used to treat the impurity water and black colloidal particles in the waste hydraulic oil, and improve the anti-oxidation, anti-wear and oxidation resistance of the oil. Also clean the oil, lubrication and other functions. For many users who need to use hydraulic oil, vacuum oil filter can bring high economic benefits.

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