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What is the Difference Between A Vacuum Oil Filter and A Plate Oil Filter?

Mar. 04, 2019

Oil filter units are divided into many types according to the application industry, machine structure and working principle, and have different use characteristics. Here, we mainly focus on the application industry and practical performance, to explain the difference between the vacuum Oil Purification and the plate oil filter, I hope to help everyone.

The vacuum Oil Filter can perform on-site hot oil circulation drying, especially for on-site hot oil circulation drying of oil immersed current, voltage transformer and high pressure and low oil circuit breaker. The vacuum emulsification machine has a good emulsification effect, and most of it is a cycle purification treatment. However, the drainage effect of the vacuum oil filter is affected by the area of the vacuum separation tank, and the effect of the oil with less water content is not obvious. For oils with too much sludge or dust, pretreatment is required.

What is the Difference Between A Vacuum Oil Filter and A Plate Oil Filter?

The vacuum oil filter can be used for on-site oil filtering and oil replenishment for various oil-immersed transformers, oil-immersed current-voltage transformers and high-pressure oil-less circuit breakers. It can also be used to regenerate and purify mildly degraded transformer oil to achieve the performance of qualified oil standards. Mainly used in power plants, power stations, power companies, substation industries, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, transportation, railways and other industries.

The plate type oil filter is an oil filter device that can effectively remove the magazine and moisture and improve the pressure resistance of the oil. It has a good purifying effect on oil and is an ideal fuel-saving recovery device. As a representative of the plate type oil filter, the pressure plate and frame oil filter is a kind of the most original oil filtering equipment. It can play a good role for the oil on the unqualified edge. However, the use cost is large, the filter paper is used, and high-intensity manual work is required.

In general, the plate type oil filter is mainly used for filtering transformer oil, capacitor oil, spindle oil and insulating oil. It is mainly used in power plants, substations, power supply stations, oil depots and other related industries or fields.

On the whole, both the vacuum oil filter and the plate oil filter can solve most of the oil filtering problems, but the treatment effect of different oils on different oils is different. Therefore, when customers choose oil filters, they must The actual demand for the specific problem is to purchase a suitable oil filter product.

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