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[Hydraulic Oil Filter Manufacturer]Analysis and discussion on the use of hydraulic oil filter

May. 10, 2019

With the hydraulic oil filter system of precision, high performance, high pressure, hydraulic equipment in the role of the filter is becoming more and more important. So the correct use of filters can effectively filter out the pollutants in the hydraulic equipment system, the protection of the machine, so as to improve the reliability and life of the equipment. Hydraulic oil filter filter filter performance determination in the selection of filters, filter performance set at what level is a very important issue.

It is ideal if all the particles larger than the minimum clearance in the machine structure can be collected. However, if the filtration degree of the Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine is more than the required limit, frequent clogging will be caused, which will lead to long cleaning time, cost increase, trouble in maintenance and management and other problems.

Oil leakage is one of the most common faults of the hydraulic oil filter, which mainly occurs in the oil window of the vacuum pump, the oil tank gasket, and the motor bearing shaft seal. Oil window oil leakage, because the vacuum pump use time is too long and make the oil window aging, cause rupture, or oil window and tank of the binder aging failure, resulting in pump oil exudation; There are two oil seals on the motor shaft, the front oil seal and the back oil seal. The oil tank is connected to the motor through the adapter. The joint of the oil tank and the adapter has a sealing ring, which plays a sealing role of the oil tank. If it is aging, it can also cause the vacuum pump to leak oil.

Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine

In addition, there is a felt pad on the adapter, which ACTS as a recovery pump oil, if it is full of oil absorption, the vacuum pump will also occur oil seepage. The solution to the oil leak is to replace the aging oil Windows, shaft seals, gaskets and felt pads that have been filled with pump oil. After maintenance, the vacuum pump shall be used to flush the vacuum pump before oil filling, and the filter screen at the oil filling port shall be cleaned with solvent to keep the oil tank clean. Because the formation of high speed conditions need a large power, and easy to produce vibration, so the usual centrifuge is also equipped with auxiliary heating, in order to improve the oil temperature, reduce the oil viscosity, so the hydraulic oil filter machine operating power is relatively large.

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