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Explain in detail which oils can be handled by the oil filter

May. 07, 2019

What kind of oil can the oil filter process?The following shared by Oil Purifier Machine Exporter China.

1, the ordinary oil filter can only be in addition to miscellaneous and in addition to micro water, such as the plate frame type oil filter, portable oil filter, portable oil filter, can deal with the oil is usually some low viscosity lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, this kind of equipment can also be used for refueling oil.

2, centrifugal oil filter function in addition to impurity and a small amount of water, such as: commonly used oil with freezing oil, quenching oil, cold heading oil, etc., this kind of oil filter to deal with less oil, efficiency is not high.

3, vacuum oil filter function in addition to the water completely removing impurity, such as turbine oil, insulating oil, frozen oil, such as water cut of heavy oil, high viscosity of oil is best with vacuum filter oil machine, if it is with ordinary filter oil machine, to adopt heating equipment, such as heating type plate and frame filter oil machine, or the vacuum oil filter machine and plate and frame type filter oil machine is the combination of composite vacuum filter oil machine.

Oil Purifier Machine Exporter China

4, decolorization oil filter function completely in addition to water and impurity, color has changed, but to add some adsorbent, this kind of equipment is currently the most mature for the treatment of hydraulic lubrication oil.

5, and another is distillation of diesel oil processing equipment, according to national guidelines of diesel use standard, begin from the second half of 2016, diesel oil purification equipment became popular, but ding could be launched in 2013 for diesel oil processing equipment, to the present technology has matured, the device is not the nature of the change of oil, with the method of coalescence distillation process, high efficiency effect is good.

Such as: commonly used oil + turbine oil, insulation oil, freezing oil and quenching oil, rolling oil, cold heading oil

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