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Filter cleaning of the oil filtration equipment

Apr. 29, 2019

Filter cleaning of the Oil filtration equipment

The air filter of the Oil filtration equipment is a screen made of chemical fiber in the fan. If filter net is blocked seriously, will make fan coil send air quantity to reduce greatly, the refrigeration that makes a heat to reduce thereby the room, affect the air quality quality of the room. In general, continuous use should be cleaned once a month. Cleaning method from the convenient, fast, small workload, low labor intensity, etc. So you can also use untenable filters on the water under pressure to rinse it or to scrub it; For oil is to use chemical cleaning agent cleaning, hebei filter plate cleaning, must be washed with clean water.

As most fan coils use primary filters, fine dust will pass through the filter and adhere to the surface of the coils. Condensate water will bring the dust into the condensate tray, causing the water level in the tray to rise or the drain to be blocked. Want to clean in time so, the condensate water that produces otherwise can overflow from water dish, damage adornment layer, and easy breed bacterium, liaoning filter board mosquito, pose healthy menace to the personnel.

Normally, the condensate dish is cleaned 2 times a year, if seasonal use air conditioning, the air conditioning season after cleaning 1 time.

Cleaning method is generally water rinse, sewage coagulation pipe, the cleaning process must pay attention to the smooth condensation pipe, can use pressure water or compressed air to clean the drainage pipe. If need cleanness antiseptic, the coagulation water dish after cleanness needs to brush with disinfectant water again, also can use the method that puts medicine inside dish to deal with, but the choice of tablet wants antiseptic, eliminate algal ability already strong, consider the metallic corrode of tablet pair of coagulation water dish adequately even.

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