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Technical Seminar for Transformer Oil Treament Equipment

Sep. 15, 2023

HOPU Filtration Pant Manufacture Company held a third quarter technical seminar this Friday with Chongqing Municipal Design and Research Institute for Transformer Oil Treament equipment and Transformer Vaccumizing unit. The meeting first proposed suggestions for recent customer requirements for transformer oil filter machine and transformer vacuum pumping units.

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With the new market demand, the use of mineral transformer oil has become very common, while vegetable transformer oil and silicone oil have received a welcome from a large number of users.

Technical Seminar for Transformer Oil Treament Equipment

Because transformer oil and vegetable oil are natural oils, they have environmental advantages compared to traditional petroleum oils. Firstly, vegetable oil is a renewable resource that reduces the pressure on the Earth's natural resources. Secondly, vegetable oil can naturally degrade after transformer aging, without polluting the environment, and is very environmentally friendly.

Technical Seminar for Transformer Oil Treament Equipment

Compared to traditional mineral oil, transformer oil vegetable oil has no flammable or explosive properties when applied to transformers. During use, no toxic gases harmful to human health were found to be released. Therefore, vegetable oil transformers can be safer and more reliable in natural disasters such as fires and earthquakes.

Therefore, the technical team of HOPU Filtration Pant Manufacture Company is focusing on creating a oil purification machine specifically designed for FR3 vegetable transformer oil.

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With the continuous development of the power industry, the reliability of high-voltage transformers and other power equipment has become crucial. In this field, insulating oil is an essential component as it helps to maintain smooth operation of equipment and extend its lifespan. In order to ensure the high quality of insulation oil, transformer oil filters, also known as insulation oil vacuum purifier or double vacuum transformer oil filters, play an important role.

Technical Seminar for Transformer Oil Treament Equipment

HOPU ZYD Series Double Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier and VPS Series transformer vacuum pumping units, The two machines can effectively meet the various needs of regular maintenance and repair of transformers together

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