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Frame Type Transformer Oil Filtration and Treatment Equipment

Dec. 04, 2023

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HOPU transformer oil filtration plant FUNCTION
The main function of ZYD Series double stage high-efficient vacuum oil purifier is to remove free and dissolved water, gases, and mechanical impurities from insulating oils so as to ensure its purity and improve its insulation property. It is suitable for the application to oil treatment 500KV super-voltage transforming equipment and 220KV transformers. It is also suitable for the treatment of capacitor oil, transformer oil and freezer oil.  

Frame Type Transformer Oil Filtration Equipment

Transformer Oil Treatment Plant Transformer Oil Purifier can quickly remove the water, gas, and other contaminants such as solid particles in the waste insulating oil, transformer oil, capacitor oil, switch oil, mutual inductor oil, etc. The breakdown voltage of the oil after processed can be improved by 75KV or above just for one-time. It is mainly suitable for the power transmissions equipment whose voltage is 110KV or above. It can be equipped with mobile trailer and weather-proof enclosure.
Frame Type Transformer Oil Filtration Equipment

Technical Parameters

HOPU Model
Flow rate
3000liters per hour
Heating power
Total power
Working Pressure
Working temperature

After treatment

Water content after treatment
Gas content after treatment
Impurity size after treatment
≤1-3 micron
Breakdown voltage after treatment
Continuous working hour
Trouble-free working hour
Frame Type Transformer Oil Filtration Equipment

This transformer oil filtration equipment is customized design with online oil water ppm tester, oil inlet pump for transferring oil,framework and hooks for fieldwork

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