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Onsite Working Hydraulic Transmission Oil Filtration Machine

Nov. 21, 2023

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Hydraulic oil is an indispensable lubricating oil in hydraulic systems, mainly used for transmitting energy, protecting equipment, controlling machinery, regulating pressure, and cooling equipment. Hydraulic systems are widely used in various mechanical equipment, and the quality and performance requirements for hydraulic oil are also very high.

HOPU company has developed Hydraulic Oil  Vacuum Dehydraiton Purifier to help users save energy and reduce emissions, which can reuse waste hydraulic oil generated during use or after replacement. The purpose of treating waste hydraulic oil is to reduce potential hazards to the environment and health.

HOPU can help users to reuse waste hydraulic oil through treatment methods such as filtration and dehydration.

Onsite Working Hydraulic Transmission Oil Filtration Machine

HOPU TYA Series Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Purifier Application, onsite service for customers It is used for the regeneration treatment of high precision lubricating oils such as used hydraulic oil, refrigerator oil, antiwear hydraulic oil etc.


1.Strong capacity of removing water, gases and impurities.

2.Coalescence separation filter combined with vacuum system to remove moisture from oil effectively.

3.Equipped with multistage filtration system.

4.Equipped with automatic backwash system.

5.Wide application scope for various kind of oils.

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