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Turbine Oil or Compressor Oil Purifier Machine

Nov. 03, 2023

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HOPU TY Series Vacuum turbine oil purifier,also called compressor oil filtration machineIt has special patented technologies, set vacuum drying, separation engineering technology, cohesion technology, adsorption technology and sophisticated filtering technologies. Under high vacuum condition, the oil purifier can remove the water, gas and impurities in the oil quickly and reliably, increasing break emulsification ability, and comprehensively improve the quality of the oil to achieve online operation. It can remove water without stopping the machine, so that the waste oil to new oil standard, easy to operate .

Turbine Oil or Compressor Oil Purifier Machine

The power plants, compressors, and steam turbines during the long running, moisture, dust and solid particles of impurities inevitably mixed in the turbine oil due to a variety of complex reasons,which accelerated oil oxidation, fueled bubble, fouling and sludge formation, causing seriously emulsified oil, leading oil and water difficult to separate, at last reducing oil lubrication, wear, heat dissipation, dispersion, cooling performance.

At the same time, it causes the corrosion and wear of metal parts to affect the safe operation of the turbine. HOPU TY series of vacuum oil purifier device is designed to solve the above problems.

Turbine Oil or Compressor Oil Purifier Machine

Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier Main parts:

Three stages filters design

Two stages impurities filters to remove impurities quickly and thoroughly

One tank filled many pieces water separator filters, highly efficient to remove water



low temperature heating

Circulating heating


High vacuum

High vacuum to remove gas from oil

High vacuum to combine the temperature to remove water

Automatic control, easy to operate

 Turbine Oil or Compressor Oil Purifier Machine

Some customer usually choose designs:

1)PLC control  2) Weather-proof box, trailer  3)Turbine oil color remove design

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