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Cleaning and replacement of oil filter elements

Jun. 13, 2019

Cleaning and replacement of oil filter elements

Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Manufacturer shares that their are two most common filter elements on the oil filter are a filter element that filters impurities, and a water filter that separates the water and breaks the emulsion.

The filter element for filtering impurities is widely present in various oil filter machines, and functions to intercept mechanical impurities and metal particles in the oil. These filter elements are mostly stainless steel mat-shaped mesh filter elements, and some fine filter elements are made of polymer glass. Fiber filter and paper filter. The water-distributing filter element is made of a special oleophilic and hydrophobic cotton-made aggregate material. This type of filter element is generally present on the vacuum dewatering oil filter. The filter element is not dirty, and the replacement reference condition is the filter element. Saturated, the water separation effect is not obvious.

Here we mainly talk about the stainless steel mesh-shaped filter element for filtering impurities, which is mostly a threaded interface. When the filter element is folded, the filter element can be rotated out. Clean with a clean cleaning oil of the same type (or gasoline). Use a soft capillary brush to clean the surface of the filter. (The surface of the filter can be cleaned.) After that, it is recommended to use the air compressor to align the filter thread. Blow out inside and out (this will help the filter to be cleaned more cleanly).

Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Tip: If you are not going to use the equipment for a long time, it is recommended to put the residual oil in the filter cartridge clean (especially in the cold season), do not let the filter element soak in the oil for a long time, which can effectively extend the service life of the filter.

When it is necessary to filter higher viscosity oils, it is also necessary to discharge the residual oil in the oil cylinder after each operation. Because the higher viscosity oil on the filter once cooled, it adheres to the surface of the filter. When it is used again, it is highly probable that the filter element has high precision and is too oily, resulting in high pressure instantaneously, resulting in damage to the filter element. When the filter is cleaned, restore the parts and check that the screw connections are secure.

The higher the accuracy of the filter element, the less easy it is to clean. Generally speaking, the filter element of 40 micron or more can be repeatedly cleaned more frequently. On the other hand, the filter element of 1-20 micron is more difficult to clean, so the higher the accuracy, the more the replacement frequency is. Therefore, when users choose oil filter machines, they do not need to select high precision. They should choose according to their actual use conditions, and effectively consider the cost-effective comprehensive value.

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